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❤️ Marketing Minute with Mila - How to Create a Facebook Page from Personal Profile


Mila guides you through the 4-step process of creating a Facebook Page from your personal profile; when it makes sense and when not.

for closed caption, click "CC"

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❤️ Mentoring Minute with Mila - Turn Your Passion into Profit with a Purpose (now it's the time!)

passion profits purpose Jun 22, 2019

Mentoring Minute with Mila  - Turn Your Passion into Profit with a Purpose (not it's the time!)

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❤️ Marketing Minute with Mila - Facebook Page Templates


The Facebook page setting allows you to choose the template suitable for the type of page you have.

I this 4-minute video Mila walks you through the settings and features.

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🌹Marketing Minute with Mila - How to Streamline Your Online Presence


When you are setting up your online presence, it is beneficial to have the same handles/usernames on the platforms you want to utilize for your business.

In this 3-minute video, I’m showing you how to save time and check all the platforms at once.

(my apology for the Internet connection cutting out/ will work on it) Here is the link:

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❤️Compassion Marketing

marketing mindset success Jun 03, 2019

Whatever type of a business you are running, one is for a fact; you are changing people's lives for the better.

Now it's time to communicate it in your marketing.

The new marketing approach is the marketing you will love to do.

It's the ethical marketing where you compassionately communicate your competency.

You express understanding for client's "pain" and offer your expertise in the solution.

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😊 News about one of our favorite design tools.

marketing May 27, 2019

Welcome to Mila's Marketing Monday. My name is Mila Lansdowne “The BizCoach Ninja” 

I am teaching entrepreneurship and digital skills in courses and coaching through the virtual e-Biz Institute. 

Today, I would like to give you an update on an amazing tool that I’m suggesting to every student and you very likely know already, which is Canva, a design tool. 

Recently Canva expanded and I would like to share that with you because maybe, you did not get the email that I did. So, I would like to share my screen with you and show you what's happening with Canva.

I looked up the link that was in an email saying that Canva is now with And, when I clicked on it then it showed that actually, Pixabay is part of it as well. If you're not aware of these other tools, I would like to introduce to you how now Canva looks and what Pexels and Pixabay are.

Let me walk you through the expanded Canva.

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✅ small business excellence with big business strategies

business performance May 20, 2019

The only way to survive in the changing, customer-ruled commerce is to decide to excel.

The big business players have tools that we as small business operators can use to shine in the retail- and service-landscape and attract loyal clients with consistency in service and quality backed by an obsession for best performance and financial stability to grow and innovate.

Little things make a big difference.

The first impression is the impression your client gets when approaching your business. The famous "first impression" must be the best we can present.

Clean door, appealing window-dressing,  signage, clean surroundings, clear information about your opening hours will speak to the prospective client and make them walk into the store with specific expectation coming from the first impression.

Once the client is inside the store we have the next opportunity to wow them with service beyond expectation (next post)



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❗️ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your business , you are on a path to extinction.

marketing small business May 12, 2019

Marketing Monday with Mila

I could cry seeing small business disappear from the storefronts as the consumer behaviour changed, and they didn't react with new strategies.

‼ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your small business, you are on a path to extinction.

Small Business: Prevent extinction with distinction!

Stop to be the "Jack of all trades" and become the expert with niche domination.

The blissful consequence of this business approach is that you'll do what you are passionate about and good at, dealing with clients who are seeking this particular expertise and you will achieve higher margins as you'll narrow down your equipment and material lists.

The higher purchasing power will open for better conditions with your supplies, and your whole life becomes more enjoyable with less to handle and the potential to systemize the processes and grow your business by working "on the business" more than "in the business."

The task today is to think about what part of...

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✅ Connecting GoDaddy Domain with your website (temporary vs. permanent)

domain forwarding May 06, 2019

This video explains the difference between temporary and permanent domain forwarding with a demo on GoDaddy.

If you are building your website, then choose temporary. If you already have everything finished on your website builder ready for the world to see then select permanent forwarding.

So as long as you are working on your website, choose temporary. Once you are finished creating your website, change the setting to permanent.

Note: there is an option to choose to forward with "masking" which I explain in a separate video.


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❓How to build a website that generates leads?

how to build a website Apr 29, 2019

Does your website generate leads?

Here is a screen recording with a walkthrough of an 11-point website structure. A website that generates leads with strategically places Calls to Action

The basis of online presence is a website that "works for you" that means is capable of collecting leads while you are sleeping.

the 12-minute video is a review of the 11-point example template presented in the Virtual Entrepreneur Training series and is here in the download section for you.

5-part website "above the fold" design

  1. hero image
  2. title
  3. subtitle
  4. call to action top right
  5. call to action above the "fold"

now that you know the "secret" notice how other websites are structured and you'll find the same design as I found it.

There is also a book I recommend by Donald Miller that explains the concept of a story brand. 

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