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Program Your Success with a powerful vision


If you know what you are looking for it's easy to find it.

In the previous posts, I was talking about how our brain supports our intentions.

We literally program out "destiny" with the thoughts we think and what we focus on predominantly.

Beliefs run our decisions and reaction.

Do you believe you can succeed?

If you doubt your success you sabotage yourself.

But beliefs can be changed when you know what they are and how they got into your head :)

The repetition of thought builds a belief that becomes something we assume as truth and don't question anymore.

Our beliefs were formed when we were children and depending on what kind of thoughts were put into our mind they may be benefiting us or not.


As yourself when you doubt your success "is it true?"

And more importantly, ask yourself "why can I believe that my success is possible?" And answer the question for yourself. Find reasons that will confirm your probability to succeed.

Btw. when anyone...

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Discover what is holding you back

business success mindset Feb 21, 2019

There is three primary obstacles entrepreneurs name when asked what is holding them back from the success they want.

Listen and share what is holding you back and what is your dream of a successful business lifestyle.

Here are the three questions to ask

  1. Where do you want to take your business ideally?
  2. What are the obstacles you are facing in pursuing your enterprise?
  3. How would your life look like if those obstacles were resolved?

Enjoy the self-discovery!

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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 7: How to get unstuck

mindset success Jan 26, 2019

Do I know what I want?

Do I know why I want it?

Do I believe it is possible?

Does it excite me to envision my success?

Am I inspired to take action?

The energy grows with your focus. Start to gather the strength of clear intent and information affirming you can make your dream reality and as soon the power is strong enough it will pull you forward into action and you are unstuck!

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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 5: Nobody can mess with your life!

happiness mindset success Jan 24, 2019

You Are in the Driver's Seat!

Nobody can mess with your life when you know that you are the one who directs where the journey goes and how joyful or painful it will be.

You are in the Driver's Seat!

Your thoughts run your emotions and define the quality of your life.

You have complete choice of thought/opinions. Spend them on building the life of your dreams in your imagination and then take action to make it happen.

You are in the driver seat!

Make it an enjoyable ride!


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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 2: The Free Will

mindset Jan 21, 2019

How to get rid off of unwanted things?

Begin to take charge of your life experience.

Discipline your mind and improve your life.

  • Look at your life differently 
  • and
  • your life will look different to you :)
  • you've got the power to choose!
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10 day MindShift challenge mindset Day 1 - Focus!

mindset success Jan 20, 2019

You are where your mind is, a straightforward fact, not easy to adopt though.

What you focus on occupies your mind space and the Reticular Activating System in your brain will feed you with more of the information if you want it or now.


Focus your thoughts intentionally - be a conscious focuser!

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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 18: productivity inside out


The first thing to say is: Plan your week, month and year, so you always have a clear direction a Compass so to speak.

Knowing where you are headed and why (with measurable goals for the mileposts on your journey) you will be able to cut out much of the wasted time.

The next ingredient is PASSION. You must be on fire to have the fulfilling, satisfying feeling that will fuel your energy and help you overcome the challenges and obstacles that will show up along the path.

Clarity, Passion, and Persistence paired with massive even imperfect daily action will always keep you in the zone and ahead of the masses.

Now you only need to let the opinion of others not derail you. Let them live their lives and take care of fulfilling your heart's desires in the calling of your life serving the world with your talents and skills and passions.

Live in appreciation for your life and the compassion for those around you.

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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 8: Grow your business from the inside out.

mindset Dec 28, 2018

Happy and Successful! The EQ of decision making

Whatever you do make sure it's coming from a positive emotional state.

There is an underlying emotion going on continuously as we move through our day.

We are where our attention is, and the focal point triggers emotional response (strong or slight). 

No matter where the point of our focus resides, this is our in the moment awareness and perceived reality.

I'm sure you experienced times when you were in a situation with another person, and the perception was different.

Two people can be in the same situation, and each will give you a different description if you'd ask because they have different beliefs and therefore experience life differently. They live in different realities.

Yes, out thoughts and emotions define the life we live.

The good news is that we can take control, of our thoughts and therefore our feelings and with that also control how we experience our life.

“You have Power over your...

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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 4: In Service - worthy of your success

mindset Dec 24, 2018

30-Day Business Challenge Day 4: In Service - worthy of your success

Life is a win-win concept.

Our part is to serve in the fullness of our being

In return, life is designed to provide us with everything we need to be in the fullness of our potential (so we can serve at the optimum of our capacity).

So take your ego out of the equation and step into your mission to live the fullness of who you are.

Experience your business as the vehicle to serve and feel compassionate about your clients. Deliver the service with this knowledge in your mind, and you will move to a higher level of service and success. You will create your prosperity in a purposeful way and inner peace of mind.

We are here to serve, yes, but we are also born with the right to live the full potential of our creativity.

Live Fully - Give Fully 

Here's to your dreams!

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