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โœ… A Guide for entrepreneurial transitions (Day 5 of the 7-day challenge)


Entrepreneurship is a path of constant change and challenge; that is the reason we are entrepreneurs because we love to create solutions to problems.

There also are transitional challenges in the entrepreneurial development

  1. moving from hobby to business
  2. moving from  9 to 5 job to self-employment
  3. moving from small business owner to creating a large company

Those transformations require a different approach than the solutions we create in our daily life.

Significant changes require a new blueprint to navigate them with clarity and a sense of control.

I went through all of those above in my decades of entrepreneurship, and from my experience with those transitions, I created a CLARITY GUIDE as a guide book with questions that will help you make the transition from a place of control.

This guide is part of my product launch and with the link below you'll get additional training not included in the guide. To get the FREE download use the link below


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โœ… Be joyfully Successful! (Entrepreneurial Transition 7-day challenge, Day 4)

business joy success Feb 24, 2019

Does success need to be hard work?


Everything is the way you see it.

Change the way you look at your days and make your success and joyful experience. Be passionate about your service and the benefits it provides.

You are important for this world!

Your service makes people feel better because you give them what they are seeking.

Know your worthiness, lighten up and start to make your success a joyful journey.

Yes, you still will plan and set clear measurable goals and do all the hands-on work, but do it in a state of joy and worthiness.

Much love to you!!

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How to remove competition from your playing field

marketing success Feb 22, 2019

win the game of competition with the distinction

you are unique in your values and when you communicate your service in alignment with your values, you will attract people who honor the same values and create a human connection that is stronger than the service they are comparing.

Start with defining your values and include them in your marketing messaging and watch the difference.

You'll be true to yourself and attract people who you'd love to deal with.





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Discover what is holding you back

business success mindset Feb 21, 2019

There is three primary obstacles entrepreneurs name when asked what is holding them back from the success they want.

Listen and share what is holding you back and what is your dream of a successful business lifestyle.

Here are the three questions to ask

  1. Where do you want to take your business ideally?
  2. What are the obstacles you are facing in pursuing your enterprise?
  3. How would your life look like if those obstacles were resolved?

Enjoy the self-discovery!

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The Entrepreneurial Transition Challenge - intro

entrepreneurship Feb 19, 2019

We all know, change is continuous, but there are some changes that come as a massive challenge.

Entrepreneurial transitions are one of those big events causing stress and sometimes even lead to giving up on the original idea for entrepreneurial growth.

I learned that "an alignment" is the solution to success and sanity in navigating the entrepreneurial transition.

people transition 

  1. from hobby to business
  2. from job to self-employment
  3. from small business to big enterprise

I want to give you 5-step guidance to master your entrepreneurial transition with success and sanity :) (you know what I mean :)

In the video is the first warm-up exercise for you.


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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #10: Why and how to master our mind?


"the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the level where they were created"

Our way of thinking defines our actions and the results coming from those actions.

we have set thinking programs and thinking patterns that were trained into us during the life we lived.

Decide for yourself how you want to see your life and start to look for the positive things in your life and more of the good "stuff" will become aware to you.

The better it gets the better it gets.

Intentions, Focus, repeat, repeat.


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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #9: What is your mind feeding on?


Take charge of what are you letting into your mind.

You have the power to direct your focus on what you want.

Train yourself to give your life a direction by directing your focus and begin by noticing what you are noticing.

don't stop at the focusing on a problem, look beyond the problem to possible solutions.

Take charge of what you feed your mind.



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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #8: How to feel better instantly


A quick tip about the body-mind connection.

NLP, the technique to feel better instantly.

Try it for yourself by changing your posture or putting a smile on your face.

You have the power to change how you feel.

Learn and enjoy the power you have over your moods and emotions.

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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #7: The two questions you must be able to answer

mind-mastery success Feb 15, 2019

can you answer those two questions

  1. what do you want?
  2. where are you going with your life?


  1. write down your 12-month goals
  2. list all that is part of it
  3. pick the needle-mover goal
  4. list everything that comes to mind you can do to achieve it
  5. pic whet inspires you most
  6. take action and continue by observing and tweaking the strategy

Notice how good it feels and how much new energy and creativity is flowing to your mind.


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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #6: How to re-program a habit

mind-mastery success tips Feb 14, 2019

Personal growth is a natural need for everything living.

Learn to make a change in your behaviour to get closer to the true you, the one you know you really want to be.

when you are behaving in alignment with the picture of the ideal you, you feel good.

  1. you need to have a strong desire and reason for the change
  2. have a vision of the improved state 
  3. check if you believe it's possible to achieve what you envision
  4. take continuous action toward the envisioned result
  5. develop so new habit
  6. experience the good feeling that goes with the new actions
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