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❤️Compassion Marketing

marketing mindset success Jun 03, 2019

Whatever type of a business you are running, one is for a fact; you are changing people's lives for the better.

Now it's time to communicate it in your marketing.

The new marketing approach is the marketing you will love to do.

It's the ethical marketing where you compassionately communicate your competency.

You express understanding for client's "pain" and offer your expertise in the solution.

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😊 News about one of our favorite design tools.

marketing May 27, 2019

Welcome to Mila's Marketing Monday. My name is Mila Lansdowne “The BizCoach Ninja” 

I am teaching entrepreneurship and digital skills in courses and coaching through the virtual e-Biz Institute. 

Today, I would like to give you an update on an amazing tool that I’m suggesting to every student and you very likely know already, which is Canva, a design tool. 

Recently Canva expanded and I would like to share that with you because maybe, you did not get the email that I did. So, I would like to share my screen with you and show you what's happening with Canva.

I looked up the link that was in an email saying that Canva is now with And, when I clicked on it then it showed that actually, Pixabay is part of it as well. If you're not aware of these other tools, I would like to introduce to you how now Canva looks and what Pexels and Pixabay are.

Let me walk you through the expanded Canva.

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❗️ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your business , you are on a path to extinction.

marketing small business May 12, 2019

Marketing Monday with Mila

I could cry seeing small business disappear from the storefronts as the consumer behaviour changed, and they didn't react with new strategies.

‼ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your small business, you are on a path to extinction.

Small Business: Prevent extinction with distinction!

Stop to be the "Jack of all trades" and become the expert with niche domination.

The blissful consequence of this business approach is that you'll do what you are passionate about and good at, dealing with clients who are seeking this particular expertise and you will achieve higher margins as you'll narrow down your equipment and material lists.

The higher purchasing power will open for better conditions with your supplies, and your whole life becomes more enjoyable with less to handle and the potential to systemize the processes and grow your business by working "on the business" more than "in the business."

The task today is to think about what part of...

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How to remove competition from your playing field

marketing success Feb 22, 2019

win the game of competition with the distinction

you are unique in your values and when you communicate your service in alignment with your values, you will attract people who honor the same values and create a human connection that is stronger than the service they are comparing.

Start with defining your values and include them in your marketing messaging and watch the difference.

You'll be true to yourself and attract people who you'd love to deal with.





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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 19: results of my Facebook engagement test

marketing Jan 08, 2019

The world is watching you!

Online presence is a "must" in today's business success strategies.

People are shopping and seeking information online, and you must be there. 

But your focus must be to communicate values your service provides and show yourself and your business with a transparency that allows the viewer to understand what you are about.

The starting point comes with understanding how you want to present yourself online and who are the people you want to attract and what values you must live to feel fulfilling and happy in your daily business engagements.

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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 7: Marketing Integrity - live your values and communicate your values

happiness marketing Dec 27, 2018

30-Day Business Challenge

Day 7: Marketing Integrity - live your values and communicate your values

to recap the Internet marketing premise:

  1. it's all about the client's happiness
  2. it's about having a genuine relationship
  3. it's about being You (the personified brand)
  4. it's about you living and communicate your values in the service you provide

When our values are met, we are happy and energized. The opposite comes when our values are violated. But who is the violator?

How to have a business (and life) you love?

  1. First, you must know what are your values.
  2. Then should clean up your life so it will match and honor your values.

So what are your values and are you living them or do you bend them to please others?


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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 6: Do Good and Talk About It

marketing Dec 26, 2018

Do good and talk about it so others will get the whole picture of your business purposes and the benefits it provides beyond the services you are marketing.

For over 20 years I am supporting SOS Children's Villages International. I started in Germany over 20 years ago, and after my immigration to Canada I searched and found them here as well.

Because I teach a compassionate business approach, and because I teach marketing and brand development for small business it is important to me to point out an aspect of your life and business now often utilized in brand and reputation building.

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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 3 what to consider when choosing your online network

marketing Dec 23, 2018

When choosing your network.

There are some questions to ask yourself when choosing to engage in a virtual network.

To network with businesses with a focus on starting let people in your area know about your business and showcase your expertise,

I love 

check it out and connect with me at 

to get updates from my facebook page, like it at 


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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 2: email marketing regulations to know

marketing Dec 22, 2018

Today I create a Double opt-in.

The golden piece of an asset for a business is an email list.

Every social account can be shut down and you will lose all the contacts. But not with an email list which is your own.

Therefore I advise all my students and clients to build an email list with value content delivered to the audience you want to serve.

When creating an e-mail list, there are two laws to know.


please make yourself familiar with the implications of those regulations. CASL is for Canada and GDPR is in effect when you deal with European audiences.

The email marketing platform I mentioned is and is a great starting point to learn about email marketing (they have an excellent learning platform)


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