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Program Your Success with a powerful vision


If you know what you are looking for it's easy to find it.

In the previous posts, I was talking about how our brain supports our intentions.

We literally program out "destiny" with the thoughts we think and what we focus on predominantly.

Beliefs run our decisions and reaction.

Do you believe you can succeed?

If you doubt your success you sabotage yourself.

But beliefs can be changed when you know what they are and how they got into your head :)

The repetition of thought builds a belief that becomes something we assume as truth and don't question anymore.

Our beliefs were formed when we were children and depending on what kind of thoughts were put into our mind they may be benefiting us or not.


As yourself when you doubt your success "is it true?"

And more importantly, ask yourself "why can I believe that my success is possible?" And answer the question for yourself. Find reasons that will confirm your probability to succeed.

Btw. when anyone...

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✅ Be joyfully Successful! (Entrepreneurial Transition 7-day challenge, Day 4)

business joy success Feb 24, 2019

Does success need to be hard work?


Everything is the way you see it.

Change the way you look at your days and make your success and joyful experience. Be passionate about your service and the benefits it provides.

You are important for this world!

Your service makes people feel better because you give them what they are seeking.

Know your worthiness, lighten up and start to make your success a joyful journey.

Yes, you still will plan and set clear measurable goals and do all the hands-on work, but do it in a state of joy and worthiness.

Much love to you!!

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How to remove competition from your playing field

marketing success Feb 22, 2019

win the game of competition with the distinction

you are unique in your values and when you communicate your service in alignment with your values, you will attract people who honor the same values and create a human connection that is stronger than the service they are comparing.

Start with defining your values and include them in your marketing messaging and watch the difference.

You'll be true to yourself and attract people who you'd love to deal with.





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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #10: Why and how to master our mind?


"the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the level where they were created"

Our way of thinking defines our actions and the results coming from those actions.

we have set thinking programs and thinking patterns that were trained into us during the life we lived.

Decide for yourself how you want to see your life and start to look for the positive things in your life and more of the good "stuff" will become aware to you.

The better it gets the better it gets.

Intentions, Focus, repeat, repeat.


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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #8: How to feel better instantly


A quick tip about the body-mind connection.

NLP, the technique to feel better instantly.

Try it for yourself by changing your posture or putting a smile on your face.

You have the power to change how you feel.

Learn and enjoy the power you have over your moods and emotions.

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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #7: The two questions you must be able to answer

mind-mastery success Feb 15, 2019

can you answer those two questions

  1. what do you want?
  2. where are you going with your life?


  1. write down your 12-month goals
  2. list all that is part of it
  3. pick the needle-mover goal
  4. list everything that comes to mind you can do to achieve it
  5. pic whet inspires you most
  6. take action and continue by observing and tweaking the strategy

Notice how good it feels and how much new energy and creativity is flowing to your mind.


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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 10: The power of a Mastermind


There is no doubt that more people who are focused on the same task will come up with a more powerful solution than when you try to figure it out on your own.

But it must be a group of people who come together to give first and then receive.

Also, the regular meetings of the group and the discipline of the participant make the difference.

You are coming together for one purpose, not to socialize but to support and to be supported.

the optimal size of the group is 6 and there are three roles to fill: the note taker, the timekeeper and the facilitator sometimes. The participants take turns in those roles. 

Check out the mastermind opportunities.

The mastermind idea was mentioned by

 Napoleon Hill in the book Think and Grow Rich and also by Jack Boland who took the mastermind tool and modified it for his work.

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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 7: How to get unstuck

mindset success Jan 26, 2019

Do I know what I want?

Do I know why I want it?

Do I believe it is possible?

Does it excite me to envision my success?

Am I inspired to take action?

The energy grows with your focus. Start to gather the strength of clear intent and information affirming you can make your dream reality and as soon the power is strong enough it will pull you forward into action and you are unstuck!

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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 5: Nobody can mess with your life!

happiness mindset success Jan 24, 2019

You Are in the Driver's Seat!

Nobody can mess with your life when you know that you are the one who directs where the journey goes and how joyful or painful it will be.

You are in the Driver's Seat!

Your thoughts run your emotions and define the quality of your life.

You have complete choice of thought/opinions. Spend them on building the life of your dreams in your imagination and then take action to make it happen.

You are in the driver seat!

Make it an enjoyable ride!


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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 3: Three steps to life-improvement

life-improvement success Jan 22, 2019

three steps to life-improvement

Identify what you want. & Create a vision of your dream life 5 years from now

  • define SMART goal for the next 12 months
  • identify the mileposts required to reach the 12-month goal
  • take instant action and continue with daily steps. Even the tiniest movement forward will get you into the success mode.

Get an accountability partner or coach!

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