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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #7: The two questions you must be able to answer

mind-mastery success Feb 15, 2019

can you answer those two questions

  1. what do you want?
  2. where are you going with your life?


  1. write down your 12-month goals
  2. list all that is part of it
  3. pick the needle-mover goal
  4. list everything that comes to mind you can do to achieve it
  5. pic whet inspires you most
  6. take action and continue by observing and tweaking the strategy

Notice how good it feels and how much new energy and creativity is flowing to your mind.


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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #6: How to re-program a habit

mind-mastery success tips Feb 14, 2019

Personal growth is a natural need for everything living.

Learn to make a change in your behaviour to get closer to the true you, the one you know you really want to be.

when you are behaving in alignment with the picture of the ideal you, you feel good.

  1. you need to have a strong desire and reason for the change
  2. have a vision of the improved state 
  3. check if you believe it's possible to achieve what you envision
  4. take continuous action toward the envisioned result
  5. develop so new habit
  6. experience the good feeling that goes with the new actions
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Success through Mind Mastery Tip $5: How to Set the tone for a good day in 30 seconds

mind-mastery success tips Feb 13, 2019

Set the tone for a good day in 30 seconds

Take charge of your thinking and you'll be "invincible"

Have a morning routine

Tune up your mood to a satisfying state of being

focus for 30 seconds on something that will give you a good feeling, notice the physical sensation that goes with it.

Practice what works for you.

Enjoy your day and life!

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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #4: The New You

mind-mastery success tips Feb 12, 2019

Now that you have the list of good habits

you blueprinted the "New You" as a person with new habits

Now you get into more details by looking at the four main areas of life

are create the New You with habits that will support the improvement in that specific area of your life

  1. Physical Wellbeing
  2. Financial Wellbeing
  3. Relationships
  4. Career/Business

Have fun with creating the blueprint of the New You, the True You.

Enjoy and then take action with daily little steps.

you'll find more detail about habits in the previous post with Mind Mastery tip #3

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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #3: Are your habits serving you?

mind-mastery Feb 11, 2019

What is a habit?

Habits are established by the repetition of a specific action.

Often habits are connected to emotional triggers, and the only way to break the habit is to become aware of it and replace it with a different response to a trigger that sparks the old habit.

When we react on autopilot 

  1. Become aware of the habit
  2. find a good reason that will keep you motivated
  3. define the replacement to the bad habit
  4. clarify the trigger 
  5. repeat the conscious action in replacing the old habit with the new one
  6. compliment yourself when you noticed and reacted differently
  7. Do never feel bad when you forgot and fell back into the old habit, start over again!

Transform your bad habits - the exercise

list you 10 habits that are not serving you

turn the bad habit statement into a new, beneficial habit statement

begin to train yourself into a New You, the person with new habits.

Enjoy personal growth!

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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 16: The physics of the law of attraction and how to use it for business success

goals mind-mastery Jan 05, 2019

30-Day Business Challenge Day 16: The physics of the law of attraction and how to use it for business success

I was hesitant to even mention the "law of Attraction" in this business-focused education. But because I believe that the understanding of the law from the perspective of physic will be beneficial to you, here I am.

The law of attraction effect is not any woo-woo but the plain fact of harmonic resonance that we can see in music or any other vibrational coherence.

When we focus on something our brain starts to deliver relevant information, and we become aware of things that were not in our awareness before.

Our mindset defines where we look and what we focus on, and the brain delivers everything we need to support us in the intention and purpose we are contemplating.

The more vivid our mind focuses on the desired outcome with a sensual impression the stronger "the attraction" becomes which means, the clearer the focus is, and the wavelength...

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