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❤️ Marketing Minute with Mila - How to Create a Facebook Page from Personal Profile


Mila guides you through the 4-step process of creating a Facebook Page from your personal profile; when it makes sense and when not.

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❤️ Marketing Minute with Mila - Facebook Page Templates


The Facebook page setting allows you to choose the template suitable for the type of page you have.

I this 4-minute video Mila walks you through the settings and features.

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🌹Marketing Minute with Mila - How to Streamline Your Online Presence


When you are setting up your online presence, it is beneficial to have the same handles/usernames on the platforms you want to utilize for your business.

In this 3-minute video, I’m showing you how to save time and check all the platforms at once.

(my apology for the Internet connection cutting out/ will work on it) Here is the link:

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