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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #10: Why and how to master our mind?


"the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the level where they were created"

Our way of thinking defines our actions and the results coming from those actions.

we have set thinking programs and thinking patterns that were trained into us during the life we lived.

Decide for yourself how you want to see your life and start to look for the positive things in your life and more of the good "stuff" will become aware to you.

The better it gets the better it gets.

Intentions, Focus, repeat, repeat.


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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #9: What is your mind feeding on?


Take charge of what are you letting into your mind.

You have the power to direct your focus on what you want.

Train yourself to give your life a direction by directing your focus and begin by noticing what you are noticing.

don't stop at the focusing on a problem, look beyond the problem to possible solutions.

Take charge of what you feed your mind.



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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #8: How to feel better instantly


A quick tip about the body-mind connection.

NLP, the technique to feel better instantly.

Try it for yourself by changing your posture or putting a smile on your face.

You have the power to change how you feel.

Learn and enjoy the power you have over your moods and emotions.

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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #2: Make this test!

mind mastery Feb 10, 2019

We all need to learn about how powerful our mind is.

There is a way to direct thoughts which is the programming for the brain to deliver the information we want.

A specific thought triggers specific action and that again creates the corresponding result.

Make this test:

notice yourself and how you form opinions about the experiences in your daily life.

Challenge yourself to respond differently!


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Success through Mind Mastery - tip #1

mind mastery Feb 09, 2019

Take charge of your life by learning about how your mind works.

The way you think defines the way you feel and that again will guide your actions.

Learn to get clear about what you want and train your mind to focus in the direction of what you want.



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