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πŸ‘e-Biz learning tips (#7) basics of Vlogging

online business vlogging Mar 16, 2019

Once you have the topic you want to teach (and which you love to learn and teach)

decide how you are going to deliver the information you want to share

the decision is based on what is your preference. Decide to begin with the style you are most comfortable with, one which comes easy and will not hinder you in being who you are while you teach and share your topic.

in my case it is video and here is a quick tutorial I found on YouTube for you.

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πŸ‘ E-Biz Learning Tips - Set up a YouTube Channel

Videos are the most popular content you can use to connect with your audience.

Here is how to set up your YouTube Channel

You may want to check out the 

YouTube Academy Creators Academy at

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πŸ‘ e-Biz Learning Tips (#5) How to become a self-empowered Entrepreneur


To live the Digital Entrepreneur lifestyle can be a lonely place.

We are often only with our thoughts and ideas. And here is a reminder of what we were talking about previously. Your thoughts and inspiration are triggered by what you focus on most of the time.

You can build a place of self-empowerment by shoring up your belief in your success.

Ask your self what is it possible to reach my dream? And build up your belief with concrete information. 

This approach is how you get rid of doubt and become a self-empowered entrepreneur.

Your success is yours to manifest, but you must believe it's possible.

Every action taken in double is a waste of time you may as well go and play in the park.

So the moral of the story is, don't take action when you doubt the success of it but shore up your beliefs first and then act.


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πŸ‘ e-Biz Learning Tips - (#4) The Adventure of Becoming Online Entrepreneur


The excitement about the potential and opportunities of online entrepreneurship are inspiring and enlivening when we think about what is possible when we are not bound anymore to the specific place or time to deliver our services.

The challenge is to zero in on the niche and customer we want to serve.

The most important thing as I see it in the online business area is to understand how the Internet-based connections work and what people want.

They want to know who they are dealing with. Your personality or the person of your company is an influential part of the game.


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πŸ‘ e-Biz Tips (#3) Why we need to know our clients better than they know themselves

online marketing Mar 05, 2019

Content is the king, yes, but valuable content is what you want to share with your audience which means you must know your clients better than they know themselves to deliver the content they will appreciate and that will build a relationship between them and you. Online marketing is like dating. First, we need to get to know each other, and when that goes well we can build trust..and so on.#onlinemarketing #webpresence #entrepreneurship

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πŸ‘ e-Biz Learning Tips (#2) What you need to do Before Starting Your Business

life-change strat-up Mar 02, 2019

Why do you want to run a business?

You need to ask yourself that question before you begin.

And the WHY must be so powerful that is will fuel your energy and help you conquer the obstacles that certainly will show up on your way to the success you envision.

Make the reason for your business really important to you.

AND have that big WHY for every goal as a reward you are going to work toward.

Business is not about the money, you want the prosperity and freedom for a more meaningful reason - that is your "why" and your "true north" a compass leading all your actions and getting you out of the bed every morning energized and eager to move forward.

Thrive in your business and life - now it's your time!

Here the link to the Clarity Guide with additional free video training and  limited time offer for The Success Map coaching course (small Beta group training with 1:1)


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πŸ‘ e-Biz Learning Tips - The Facebook Pixel Helper


Learn about the Google Chrom Extension called Facebook Pixel Helper and the Facebook Pixel  possibilities to get real data about your web-presence

Here is the link to Facebook Business with all the information

The business growth is in your hands!


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Program Your Success with a powerful vision


If you know what you are looking for it's easy to find it.

In the previous posts, I was talking about how our brain supports our intentions.

We literally program out "destiny" with the thoughts we think and what we focus on predominantly.

Beliefs run our decisions and reaction.

Do you believe you can succeed?

If you doubt your success you sabotage yourself.

But beliefs can be changed when you know what they are and how they got into your head :)

The repetition of thought builds a belief that becomes something we assume as truth and don't question anymore.

Our beliefs were formed when we were children and depending on what kind of thoughts were put into our mind they may be benefiting us or not.


As yourself when you doubt your success "is it true?"

And more importantly, ask yourself "why can I believe that my success is possible?" And answer the question for yourself. Find reasons that will confirm your probability to succeed.

Btw. when anyone...

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βœ… Understand how you influence your success

success in business Feb 26, 2019

Understand how you influence your success: Day 7 of the 7-day Entrepreneurial Transition challenge

In the 80s I started to learn about the role the mental faculties play in the life experience we then live. Combined with what I learned about the power of the mind from the Greek and Roman philosophers, the leading edge euro plasticity, quantum physics and the emotional intelligence I grew in understanding of the creative processes.

I now clearly see and the connection between what we live on the inside (mentally and emotionally)  and what we experience on the outside as our life. There is a clear correlation between our inner “world” and our outer world.

I certainly know that the mind is the creative centre and the ability to focus our attention is the tool to understand how our experience “come to us.”

We filter out from the ocean of options what matches our, at the moment, focus and attention.

The brain then delivers more on the topic without...

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βœ… Successful Start-up Needs a Map - here the first, very simple, step you must not skip


The success of your entrepreneurial transition begins with clarity about your life.

Your business is the vehicle, the tool if you want, to creating the life-style you see yourself living.

That means you create FIRST the vision for your life and plug into the vision the vision of the successful business as one part of the 360 success and fulfillment you envision.

I'm doing a webinar of the 10 questions you must answer before you embark on the entrepreneurial transition.

there is a free clarity book and additional training available for you  (this link is only for the current offer and will expire! you can drop me a note if you want to get the free book after the offer is gone)


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