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❤️Mentoring Monday with Mila: Marketing - Management - Mindset 

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✅ small business excellence with big business strategies

business performance May 20, 2019

The only way to survive in the changing, customer-ruled commerce is to decide to excel.

The big business players have tools that we as small business operators can use to shine in the retail- and service-landscape and attract loyal clients with consistency in service and quality backed by an obsession for best performance and financial stability to grow and innovate.

Little things make a big difference.

The first impression is the impression your client gets when approaching your business. The famous "first impression" must be the best we can present.

Clean door, appealing window-dressing,  signage, clean surroundings, clear information about your opening hours will speak to the prospective client and make them walk into the store with specific expectation coming from the first impression.

Once the client is inside the store we have the next opportunity to wow them with service beyond expectation (next post)



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❗️ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your business , you are on a path to extinction.

marketing small business May 12, 2019

Marketing Monday with Mila

I could cry seeing small business disappear from the storefronts as the consumer behaviour changed, and they didn't react with new strategies.

‼ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your small business, you are on a path to extinction.

Small Business: Prevent extinction with distinction!

Stop to be the "Jack of all trades" and become the expert with niche domination.

The blissful consequence of this business approach is that you'll do what you are passionate about and good at, dealing with clients who are seeking this particular expertise and you will achieve higher margins as you'll narrow down your equipment and material lists.

The higher purchasing power will open for better conditions with your supplies, and your whole life becomes more enjoyable with less to handle and the potential to systemize the processes and grow your business by working "on the business" more than "in the business."

The task today is to think about what part of...

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✅ Connecting GoDaddy Domain with your website (temporary vs. permanent)

domain forwarding May 06, 2019

This video explains the difference between temporary and permanent domain forwarding with a demo on GoDaddy.

If you are building your website, then choose temporary. If you already have everything finished on your website builder ready for the world to see then select permanent forwarding.

So as long as you are working on your website, choose temporary. Once you are finished creating your website, change the setting to permanent.

Note: there is an option to choose to forward with "masking" which I explain in a separate video.


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❓How to build a website that generates leads?

how to build a website Apr 29, 2019

Does your website generate leads?

Here is a screen recording with a walkthrough of an 11-point website structure. A website that generates leads with strategically places Calls to Action

The basis of online presence is a website that "works for you" that means is capable of collecting leads while you are sleeping.

the 12-minute video is a review of the 11-point example template presented in the Virtual Entrepreneur Training series and is here in the download section for you.

5-part website "above the fold" design

  1. hero image
  2. title
  3. subtitle
  4. call to action top right
  5. call to action above the "fold"

now that you know the "secret" notice how other websites are structured and you'll find the same design as I found it.

There is also a book I recommend by Donald Miller that explains the concept of a story brand. 

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☀️Mentoring Monday with Mila - MailChimp tutorials "Create Audience"

tutorials mailchimp Apr 22, 2019

MailChimp is an ideal starting place to learn the features and automation of email management software. Its free plan goes for up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month.

this tutorial features the setup of a new audience (formerly called mailing list)


You will create your account firsts. (see below guideline)

What Info you’ll need for the Signup in MailChimp

  • Name
  • Email Address for communication with MailChimp (The reply email address that you’ll use to send emails can be different from this email address).
  • The name of your company or organization. 
  • Website URL for your company or personal website (if you don’t have a URL (URL = uniform resource locator/you address on the internet) you may use your Facebook Business page URL as a placeholder till you have a website URL
  • Physical Address: the mailing address where you can receive mail. A physical address is required by law on any email you send out (PO Box is ok)
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☀️Mentoring Monday with Mila - Website loading speed

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❤️ Mind-Mastery Monday with Mila - the Two things for Making your dreams come true


Mind-Mastery Monday with Mila - the Two things for Making your dreams come true.

I could cry when I see people giving up on their dreams, and I would like to just make you think about two things:

For one, I know that you can make your dreams come true if these two aspects are in place.

Number one, you must believe that it's possible.

And Number two, the second thing is, you must be really passionate about making that happen

The will to do it and the belief that is possible is all you need to make your dreams come true.

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👍 e-Biz Tips - tools: Canva walkthrough


Canva is an easy to use design tool, and its free version offers a variety of feature and stock photos we can use (free and $1/pic)

Here is a walkthrough I recorded while delivering my training in Fort Nelson, BC in the Fall of 2018.

NOTE: Please be aware that the info shared about the training sessions (downloads and live Zoom sessions) applies only to the registered students and if you are interested in registering for one of my upcoming online-presence training for entrepreneurs/beginners then send me a note through the contact form (see the footer section of this website)

To check out the Canva go to 

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👍e-Biz learning tips (#7) basics of Vlogging

online business vlogging Mar 16, 2019

Once you have the topic you want to teach (and which you love to learn and teach)

decide how you are going to deliver the information you want to share

the decision is based on what is your preference. Decide to begin with the style you are most comfortable with, one which comes easy and will not hinder you in being who you are while you teach and share your topic.

in my case it is video and here is a quick tutorial I found on YouTube for you.

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👍 E-Biz Learning Tips - Set up a YouTube Channel

Videos are the most popular content you can use to connect with your audience.

Here is how to set up your YouTube Channel

You may want to check out the 

YouTube Academy Creators Academy at

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