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The Coaching Options

Listen to Mila's explanation about the three coaching options she offers.


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About Mila's Transformational Coaching

To live the life you love to live requires only few tweaks. The person who lives the life you envision thinks differently, has different habits and behaves in a different way as you do today. To realize your dream requires personal transformation. With Mila Lansdowne's coaching support you will be guided to new habits and create this "NEW YOU". PICK THE SUPPORT YOU NEED FROM THESE OPTIONS:

Coaching Intensive


Change management intensive . This coaching is meant for urgent need for more clarity and development of strategy. You will receive a half-day/ 3 one hour coaching sessions where you'll work out your priorities and identify next steps to take. In 30 days later we'll connect to check your results and adjust for improvement.


One time payment

$497.00 USD

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12 Months Coaching


after clarifying your 12-month goal you will move forward with weekly progress reports (completed online) and receive monthly 1:1 sessions to  define improved strategy.

The program includes two catch-up months included without assignment so you can recoup and have creative time to refocus. 

Monthly Subscription

$297.00 USD/month or one payment $2,997.00 USD

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12-Week 1:1 Intensive


the maximum support comes with weekly 1:1 for those who commit in putting in the work for weekly result-check adjustments.

This program is designed for focused personal growth.

The WEEKLY coaching sessions include mindset training, EQ training and transformational life-improvement management skill training.

One time:$2,997.00 USD- or 3 monthly payments of $1,097.00 USD

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Need to get clear what option is right for you?

If the change is calling you, a coaching will help you with clarity and empowering support to get into the action mode that will bring the desired improvement.


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